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History of the brand

Nokian was founded in the 19th century in 1898. The current brand name “Nokian” has been used since 1988. The company is the world’s northernmost tyres producer with deeply ascended knowledge and values from their Scandinavian roots (Finland). The core principles of Nokian are the safety and environmental sustainability in the whole production cycle of car and truck tyres. Vianor chain is also a subsidiary of the brand which is specialized in vehicle maintenance and OE market. The total revenues for 2019 were estimated at around 1.5 billion EUR.

The current workforce is about 4,800 employees. The company went public and had been included on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The portfolio of Nokian includes the production of qualitative tyres for cars, SUVs and trucks. The company gained worldwide fame through their special winter models. Of course, we should not forget to mention that the summer and all-season models also offer an excellent correlation between price and quality. Equipment for heavy industries is also produced as a priority - forest, harbour and mining machinery are maintained with the products of the brand. The presence of the brand is strong in the Northern countries and Russia.

The potential of America and Central Europe is yet to be found and accomplished. The main aim of Nokian tyres is to expand and operate in all major winter markets all over the world. This goal could be achieved in the near future thanks to the innovative and qualitative products as well as the already developed network of retailers and partners in all winter markets.

The main part of the production is concentrated in the plants in Nokia (Finland), Vsevolozhsk (Russia) and Dayton (USA). Some goods are manufactured in other plants which observe the high standard for production and quality of tyres.

What are the advantages?

As a brand focused on winter markets, Nokian offers a great ability on snow and ice conditions. We should also mention the fact that the brand offers a wide range of summer and all-season models as well. The company won numerous awards for winter tyres. The weatherproof model usually heads the top positions of all reviews. The model offers great traction, good handling in turns and excellent comfort. More speed can be generated in corners without risking the overall safety. The main advantages of Nokian tyres are their flexible and grippy groove that facilitate the performance of the vehicle in watery and slippy roads.

Which models are the most bought?

You may understand wrongly that the company offers only winter models. In fact, it offers a wide range of model lines like:

  • weatherproof;
  • powerproof;
  • zline.

All the models are available on the official online shop of sowdentyres. If you get the right time of the season, you can get cheap options as well without making compromises on the overall quality.

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