Bridgestone Tyres

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History of the brand

It is an international Japanese corporation founded in 1931 in Kurume, Fukuoka. The name “Bridgestone” derives from the Japanese word “ishibashi”. Its translation is “stone bridge”. Bridgestone is the biggest producer of tyres all over the world. Michelin, Goodyear, Continental are stepping back their leading places to the Japanese giant. The company owns near 200 manufacturies in more than 25 countries. The current corporation is the result of the merging of two separate companies. One of them was Firestone which was located in Akron, Ohio. The other was the already-mentioned Bridgestone corporation found in 1931.

What are the advantages of Bridgestone tyres?

The advantages of the tyres are so many but the team of sowdentyres is going to focus only 1 significant strong side. Although Bridgestone tyres are known for its durability, high-quality materials, excellent engineering design, better performance and so on, we think that safety on the road is above all in terms of importance. It is easy to neglect the features from crucial importance on the road. The company has turned the safety as a top priority in the tyres production process. As a result, near 1 billion USD are invested on an annual basis for additional research and improvement. The latest novelties in the field have been applied in order to refine and better the tyres. Bridgestone maintains the highest possible standards of safety. The company has been declared “the most trusted tyre brand” in Australia and New Zealand proving his leading role on the market.

What kind of models you will find on the site?

When you visit the official site of sowdentyres, you will find plenty of tires on all prices - cheap and expensive. The brand offers suitable models for all kind of drivers and respectively their needs - for high performance, high economy, durability and so on. You will find some detailed reviews of all models in order to ease your decision to pick your favourite. Be aware that shopping online is always a better alternative as you will save time and efforts to get your pair. You can check the most-common models below:

  • run-flat - designed to resist the process of inflation when rupture appeared;
  • dueler - it offers secure traction control on wet and slippery roads;
  • all-season - they are suitable for all seasons;
  • winter - offer better performance and traction when the temperatures go below 7 C;
  • summer - suitable for the warm months of the year.
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