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Brief history of the brand

The tyres company was founded in 2006 and its current headquarters are situated in Zhaoqing High-tech Development Zone, Guangdong, China. The founding capital of Maxtrek is estimated at 40 million USD. The working force is approximately 1000 workers. The company is integrated with R&D as it applies the latest novelties in the manufacturing process of tyres. The brand is technology-driven with long-term vision for prosperous future and performance.

The technological development and application have always been under the radar of the company and part of the overall long-term vision. Maxtrek sets apart more than 3% of the total revenues for investment in R&D (Research and Development) as these figures are on the verge to become even bigger with time. The Chinese manufacturer owns the exclusive rights for over 50 patents for production of tyres in America, Europe and China. More than 700 different models of tyres for different seasons (summer, winter, all season) and segments (all terrain, mud, commercial, run-flat, semi-slicks, SUVs) have been created.

More than a decade has been invested in the product development and this strategy helps the company to hold and expand its place in the market. Maxtrek tyres are sold in more than 100 countries as this way the brand got a worldwide fame and recognition by the most partners and business organizations

Which are the best-bought model

PCR - ultra-high-performance and high-performance model, intended for fast sports cars. It offers excellent sound and comfort, premium handling, excellent drainage - 

  • FORTIS T5;

SUV - suitable for SUVs, Jeeps. It offers extra loading capacity, off-road adventures, longer endurance, extra loading capacity, optimal wet grip. Suitable for all terrain - 

  • SIERRA S6;
  • SU 800.

Commercial - the models are suitable for light truck for commercial purposes (transportation, logistics). The model is perfect for extra loading capacity and it offers enhancement of the sidewalls for stable and comfort driving - 

  • SU 810;
  • MK 700.

Winter - suitable for harsh weather conditions. They offer excellent snow and ice grip, immediate snow braking and comfortable and mute driving - 

  • TREK M900 ice;
  • TREK M7.

All-season - suitable for all seasons. They offer excellent winter performance along with dry and wet grip at a decent level - 


Run-flat - in case your tyre is totally flat and out of pressure, you have the chance to continue driving at speeds up to 75km/h - 


Semi-slicks - it offers excellent performance at high speeds along with stable handling - 


Why you should choose Maxtrek

Maxtrek offers a great variety of tyres for all segments and seasons. You can check the online store of Sowdenyres and visit our review and prices section. There you will find an abundance of Maxtrek tyres. Get in contact and claim your order now!

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