Avon Tyres

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History of the brand

Avon company was founded in 1904. It produces tyres and equipments for all kinds of cars, SUVs, trucks and motorbikes. Throughout the years, the company specialized not only in the manufacturing of tyres intended for convenient cars but also for sports and race cars participating in different rallies. The brand is known for its unique design, uncompromised quality and high-performance ability. Currently, the more than 100years-old company combines its experience on the field with the application of the last design and production technologies. Avon Tyres is part of the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. The global expansion policy of Avon is maintained through the establishment of different plant centres for tyres production all over the world. It is worth mentioning the recently founded research and technology centre.

Are Avon good tyres?

The company offers a pretty wide range of models on all price - cheap, medium or expensive. You can find as well detailed review on all models and ask for additional support to facilitate your decision. Avon tyres are known for some distinguishable models. All of them are available online on the official store of sowdentyres. You can reach a representative of our customer support team and share your queries and demands:

  • zx7 - they are constructed specially for the performance of CUVs and SUVs. The specific features of the model include high wet grip, the application of a new polymer technology and asymmetric tread groove;
  • zv7 - they are manufactured for high performance with the perfect correlation between safety and comfort. Again they are awarded with wet grip and own noise lowering ingredients;
  • zz5 - this model is produced in the UK and it is intended for special equipment for the performance and sports car participating in different rallies and championships. The features of the model include pattern oriented for all weather conditions, special ingredients for bettering racing performance as well as whole championship construction.

What are the advantages?

Avon could offer many advantages to its current and future customers in order to stay competitive in the fierce and abundant tyres market. You cannot neglect anything to keep your market share constantly-growing. But if we have to mention only the ones that best describe the enormous success of the company that would be:

  • good correlation between quality and price;
  • extended durability and long lifespan;
  • better traction and grip control;
  • affordable pricing in this range;
  • a wide range of variations and sizes to fit every car;
  • excellent handling in harsh weather conditions.
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