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History of the brand

Maxxis company produces qualitative tyres for all kind of vehicles - cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, karts, garden equipment and more. The company over 30 000 workers and distribute its goods in nearly 200 countries in Asia, Europe, North America. Maxxis is one of the biggest brands for tyres production and deservedly is placed in top 10. The US department was founded in 1985 in the suburbs of Atlanta. At that time, the company’s expansion was focused only in one small manufactory. The modest start was followed by global expansion and a stronger presence in the current markets. As a consequence, the office space of the US headquarters was additionally expanded at the beginning of the new century (2002). Maxxis was founded in 1967 in Taiwan and at first stared business activity as a producer of bicycle tyres. Currently, they are the biggest brand and most recognizable brands for bicycle tires globally. The primary purpose of the company is to create and maintain solid and loyal customer base. Business operations are focused in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Holland, Japan and Dubai. For the last fiscal year 2019, the revenues were estimated at almost 5 billion USD.

Is Maxxis a good tyre?

The company is aiming to produce and deliver decent high-performance tyres to all high-speed enthusiasts. The products are well-known for their excellent quality and outstanding performance. Maxxis applied the latest cutting edge technologies to develop and better their tyres. The tires are tested in advance in the research centres before spreading out to the commercial partners and retailers. If additional professional assessment is not performed, the tires do not go into production.

What is the best Maxxis tyre?

The company offers a great variety of models intended even for the most capricious drivers. The brand is well-known for its mtb (motorbike) tires and gained world fame by their production and distribution to most motorbike championship and competitions. The company is not restricted only to this sector but also provides qualitative solutions for conventional cars and trucks as well. The team of sowdentyres offers most of the models of the company divided into categories of prices range (cheap, medium, expensive), seasons (summer, winter, all-season) and vehicles (cars, SUVs, trucks, motorbikes). You can make your order online. There are detailed reviews on all models available on the site. You can check the best Maxxis tyres divided into patterns categories:

  • Aspen;
  • Ikon;
  • Ardent Race;
  • Rekon;
  • Ardent;
  • Aggressor.
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