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Who makes Toyo tyres?

Toyo is a Japanese company - a leader in tires production all over the world with partners network in over 125 countries. The company was founded in 1945. The current headquarters are located in Itami, Japan. The workforce of the company is estimated at around 12 000 employees. The activities in terms of business are applied through two fundamental competencies of tyres and automotive technology. In 2005, the company founded its European department - Toyo Tire Europe GmbH. The presence in Europe dates back for more than 30 years. In order to enhance its market positions and to boost the sales, Toyo took a decision to focus all efforts there. The communication and synergy effect between the Japanese and European departments are the basis of the successful development of Toyo. The portfolio of the company includes the manufacturing of high-quality UHP tyres (ultra-high-performance), summer and winter tyres for cars, 4x4, SUVs, vans and trucks.

Are Toyo tyres any good?

They are actually quite good choice. As a customer, you can easily feel the difference while driving when you install your new set of tires. Your vehicle is expected to be far more silent. You will also feel the lowering of the vibrations and stability on high speed and corners. Your car will take the corners silently and effortlessly, staying stability on the road. We should also mention the excellent grip, better traction, fuel economy and great performance in rain and wet conditions. The tyres are good and deserve to take your attention.

Which models are the most bought?

The brand offers a great variety of models. You can visit the online shop of sowdentyres and check our detailed review on most-common models of the company. They are sorted by seasons (summer, winter, all-season) and prices range (cheap, medium, expensive). Here is a list of the most bought models:

  • proxes r888 - it is a competition summer tire intended for rallies and championships;
  • proxes r37 - it is suitable for bigger vehicles, SUVs and Jeeps. You can mount it on your Audi Q7 or Skoda Kodaq;
  • proxes r1r - they are intended for extreme ultra-high-performance cars. The model offers perfect dry grip and handling;
  • proxes cf2 - they are suited to be mounted on a passenger car. The model offers optimal grip, excellent comfort, perfect handing in dry and wet conditions.
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