Nexen Tyres

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History of the brand

The company was established during the times of the Second World War under the name Heung-a Tire Company. Nexen has been operating in the tyres industry for almost eight decades and it is officially considered the first Korean company in the field. The brand took a decision in 1985 to transform their facility in Yangsan (Korea) only to the manufacturing of radial tyres. The company’s name was officially changed from Woosung Tire to Nexen at the beginning of the new century. That was a result of the efforts for worldwide recognition and fame. In fact, the name presents a combination of two words - “next” and “century”. Thinking deeper, we may easily find the brand’s mission and strategy for the dedication of finding always better decision for future and process of constant improvements. Because of the efforts to provide high-quality tyres, customer service and facilitated delivery orders, the market share of the brand has recorded the highest level during the last 10 years. Sales on an annual basis are estimated at around 2 billion USD. As we mentioned, the company is future-oriented which means that they want to explore and apply the latest novelties in tyre production as well as environmental sustainability. Comfort and safety on the road is also considered top priority for Nexen.

What models you will find on the site?

It is one of the top brands offered by sowdentyres. As an official partner of the company, you will find on the site detailed reviews on all models (summer, winter, all-season, performance) as well as recommendations and individual consultation for the best choice for your needs. The prices range is pretty flexible, so you will definitely choose you new set of tyres. You claim your order by visiting our online shop.

Is Nexen made by Michelin?

The company is not made by Michelin. In 2005, the brand founded its American branch - Nexen Tyres America, which was a big step towards the global expansion. In the very same year, the brand was nominated and won an award for a special patent for technology for the production of rubber silicate ingredients in the tyres. On the next year, a further development on the ultra-high performance and winter SUV grooves was accomplished. As a result of the global expansion of the company, an additional tire producing plant was founded in Qingdao (China) in 2007. After the process of relocation of the manufacturing assets, Nexen took a decision to open a 3rd plant in Changnyeong in South Korea. The latter is considered one of the biggest and most advanced production plants worldwide.

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