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Brief history of the brand

Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Corporation is currently in the top 10 of the biggest tyres producers all over the world. The company was found in 1967 in Yuanlin City in Taiwan by Mr Luo Jye. Maxxis and CST Tyres are taken over by their mother-company Cheng Shin and currently work as her subsidiaries and branches with autonomous management.

The company initially started to produce tires for bicycles and furthermore switched to the market for car and motorcycle and other vehicles. The revenues of the Chinese manufacturer for the year of 2015 are estimated at almost 4 billion USD. 

CST brand has a working force of more than 20 000 employees. Cheng Shin Tire is the biggest producer of bicycle tires while at the same time includes many other products in its portfolio. The company includes a wide range of market categories, segments and models. The brand is represented in more than 150 countries. The product portfolio includes tyres for trucks, SUVs, agricultural machinery equipment, car, motorcycle and off-road vehicles.

Where are CST tyres made

Currently, there are three producing plants situated in Xiamen, China. The operations performed within the manufacturing facilities are facilitated through world-class equipment and cutting-edge technologies. Thus, the Cheng Shin / CST brand guarantees that the customers will receive only high-quality products and satisfaction of their usage. The company observes the most rigid multinational criteria and standards. Cheng Shin has won some prestigious recognitions and award like the DOT certificate (US Department of Transportation), ISO9001, E-Mark and the Award for Well Known Brand.

As we had mentioned, the operations within producing facilities are highly efficient which facilitate the fast and immediate logistics and transportation of goods to the customers.

Quality, performance and safety are top priorities for CST Tyres.

What are top models of the brand

The company is specialized in the production of not only one segment or category. In fact it is a wide-range brand that covers the production of tires for all seasons (summer, winter, all season), all vehicles (bicycles, motorcycles, passenger cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, off-road, agricultural and lawn equipment). You can check the online store of Sowdentyres and search for the review and prices section. Then you could easily find your preferable model. You can follow the list with the top tyres models:


  • Adreno H/P Sport AD-R8
  • C-186
  • CL31N Trailermaxx Eco 
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