Minerva Tyres

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Brief history of the brand

It is a well-recognized and famous tyres manufacturer for more than two decades. The company was founded in 1992 and since then it has improved the production process as well as the logistics of the products throughout the whole network of retailers and partners. Currently, the brand is presented in more than 55 countries all over the world. The Minerva logo represents prestige and it is a synonym for luxury, optimal performance and excellent comfort. Nowadays, the brand is known as a great example of high-quality budget tyres.

Where are Minerva tires made

It is a Belgian company founded in 1992. The production of the company was initially located in the manufactories of the German giants of Continental. Nowadays, the production is focused on plants in Europe and Asia. Distinguishing features of the brand are the quality and consistency. The product and prices range face the requirements of the competitive tyres market. You can find models for different seasons and conditions (winter, snow, summer, all season) while at the same time having the option to order them online. You can check the official store of sowdentyres for more review and information.

What are their advantages

Minerva tyres offer the largest size range in is niche. The main aim of the company is to offer at the same time comfort, durability, fuel economy and security on the road. In all models of the company intended for summer or winter usage, you can easily find the distinguishing traits that make Minerva so popular and successful. Tyres are from high-quality as they are designed by pundits abiding the latest standards and novelties. The production process is constantly improving as all summer and winter models are bettering as well in order to meet consumers’ expectations. Another significant advantage of Minerva tyres is the huge size range. You can easily find more than 300 summer, winter and all season sizes. You can check the best-bought models below.

Which are the best-bought models

  • AS Master - suitable for light trucks, you can find it in summer and winter version;
  • Model “109” - it is intended for high-performance and quick cornering;
  • Model “209”;
  • F105;
  • F205;
  • Ecospeed A/T - this model enhances your fuel economy. Again models for SUV and light cars are available;
  • Ecospeed 2 SUV;
  • Emi Zero HP / UHP / VAN / SUV - the most-bought winter models;
  • Transporter - this model is intended for vans and SUVs.
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