Mitas Tyres

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Brief history of the brand

It all started during the 30s years of the last century. The tyres of the company were initially manufactured in Prague, Zlin and Otrokovice in the Czech Republic. Mitas was declared a member of Trelleborg Group in 2016. Nowadays, the production is concentrated in Czech Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, Sri Lanka and America. The production facility located in Otrokovice has commenced business activity in 2013. The latter was intended for the production of radial tyres for agricultural machines. We should mention as a key moment in the development of the company the founding of manufactory in the USA in 2012 for production radial tires and additional machinery equipment. The plant was built just in an area of thriving farming industry with many producers and need of agricultural machinery.

The constant-growing needs of the American market was another key factor for the expansion of the company and its further development. Before the American expansion, the company was mainly focused on Europa due to the fact that the initial model of tyres were constructed for this region. Nowadays, the company provides its goods all over the world with the facilitation of the global network of Trelleborg Group. Trelleborg Group records an annual turnover estimated at around 3.5 billion EUR as the brand is presented in more than 60 countries and 4 continents. The Group consists of three major department - Trelleborg Industrial Solutions. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and Trelleborg Wheel Systems. The company went public in 1964 and was listed in the stock exchange in Nasdaq Stockholm.

Where Mitas tires are made

Manufactories of Mitas are situated in Prague, Zlin, Otrokovice (all in the Czech Republic), Serbia, Slovenia and in the USA. The sales of the tyres are facilitated through an established and well-organized network of distribution with many partners and retailers.

Why are Mitas tyres so reliable

The hardcore values of the company have always been excellent quality and optimal performance. Mitas is engaged to meet the demands of the clients and facilitate their spare time or production process in the area of agriculture, construction, transportation, logistics, aircraft and so on.

Which are the best-bought models

As a key manufacturer, Mitas offers a great variety of tyres intended for different vehicles - motorcycle, car, bike, truck. You can find the most common models of the brand on the official online shop of sowdentyres. Check the detailed review of your preferable model and compare the prices with other identical sites:

  • Enduro;
  • Classic;
  • Trials;
  • e 07;
  • c 02;
  • Speed way.
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