Falken Tyres

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History of the brand

Falken company is US-based as the main headquarters are located in Rancho Cucamonga in California. It is part of Sumitomo Rubber North America INC. It owns six tyres logistics centres throughout America - California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Tennessee and Texas. Thus, the company maintains an optimal supply to all partners and retailers in a fast and highly-efficient way. The tyres company originates from Japan. It was founded in 1983 and reached the USA two years afterwards. At first, the brand was known for its high-performance radial logo on behalf of Ohtsu Tire and Rubber. Currently, nearly 40 years after its foundation, Falken focuses mainly on sports and ultra-high-performance products. Many of the motorsport competition racers use Falken tyres and lift many trophies and awards. The worldwide fame and success in professional racing sports help the company to develop and better their tires intended for ordinary and conventional passenger cars.

How long do Falken tyres last?

It is almost impossible to answer this question. In general, each set of tyres have a particular lifespan, usually no more than 10 years since the date of production. It is essential to check it before making your purchase. You may face some scammers trying to sell you tyres manufactured a long ago. The Tyres may look in perfect condition but that is not the only issue that matters. Usually, the tires last between 50 000 - 60 000 km. But that is conditional. It varies from the different driver’s habits, road conditions, the right timing of mounting the tires and many other factors.

Are Falken tires noisy?

You may find some reviews online stating that the tires of the company are too noisy. Actually that statement is far from the truth. All models offer long tread life and usually contain the whole period of its warranty. The company is known for its excellent comfort and low level of noise. The latter is a result of the dedicated work on behalf of the research departments as the engineers use some smart constructed elements in order to low the vibrations and noise. In accordance with the latest reviews and surveys, the company manufactures tires for very quiet and comfortable driving. If you still do not have any experience with the brand, you can visit the official site of sowdentyres online and check all the models of the company. The prices range is different. There are cheap, affordable, medium and high-performance models with different sizes and variations. We do not recommend you buy the cheapest one of course. The purchase of a new set of tires is a serious investment without compromises! Falken is known for its most wide-spread models as they are also available online:

  • fk510;
  • ze310.
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