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Brief history of the brand

It is a German manufacturer that is specialized in production of tires for motorcycles. Metzeler was founded in 1863 and initially focused on the production of different rubber and plastic elements intended for aviation. Later on in 1892, the company moved expanded their activity in the cars and motorcycle tyres manufacturing. During the 40s of the past decade, the main plant of the company was destroyed. Fortunately, it later built once again and started activity after the end of World War II. For the improvement of the presence in the American market and its further expansion during the 50s and 60s, a key role played the distributor Berliner Motor Corporation. Consequently, Metzeler took a decision to concentrate its production only on tyres for motorcycles. That turned out to be a great and pretty successful decision for the further development of the brand. In 1986 the world leader in tires manufacturing, the Italian giant Pirelli acquired the company. Current headquarters of the company are located in Milan, Italy.

Where are Metzeler tires made

The production process is focused on several plants in Europe and Asia. The network of partners and retailers facilitate the transportation and logistics of the tires all over the world. Currently, the products of the company are available in more than 100 countries. There are plans for 2021 for further expansion of the producing facilities in Asia.

Are they the best motorcycle tyres

The company is a leader in the sector as it offers a premium quality, endurance and high performance at affordable prices. Metzeler offers a great variety of models and sizes for your motorcycle as you can discover proposals for the following segments:

  • Racing & Sport;
  • Touring;
  • Cruising & Heavy Tourers;
  • Adventure & Touring;
  • Off-Road;
  • Scooter & Moped.

One of the most recognizable and popular models of tyres are:

  • Tourance Seria - it is suitable for the big street-oriented enduro bikes. It offers stability on high speeds as well as optimal comfort for long journeys. Riding is easy and comfort in all weather conditions;
  • Enduro Seria - a great budget decision for your motorcycle for all seasons. Enduro Seria will enable you to drive up to 210 km/h and simultaneously offering you great comfort on corners at high speeds; 
  • Karoo Seria - it is intended for off-road adventures. The tyres improve the off-road traction and handling of your moto. The new model Karoo 3 offers enhanced mileage and endurance compared to the previous model.

Why you should choose Metzeler

Metzler has deep traditions in the production of motorcycle tyres for more than 130 years. The history of the motorcycle and the company are merged firmly. You should choose the brand because it offers the best decision for your favourite sport and leisure activity. The company is technology-driven as it applies the latest innovations in the production process. You can get you new set of Metzeler tyres online at the official store of Sowdentyres. You can have a look at our detailed review before making your order.

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