Firestone Tyres

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History of the brand

Firestone is an American tyres manufacturer. It was founded in 1900 by Harvey F. with the mission to produce rubber components for specialized vehicles. Anyway, the potential of the automobiles market was so huge that the company did not resist and made a breakthrough there. Due to the close relationships between the founder of the company Harvey Firestone and Henry Ford, both made a deal to use the tyres as constant equipment for Ford Motor Company. During the late 80s, the company was purchased by the Japanese Consortium Bridgestone after the rejection of a previously-made offer by Pirelli. Bridgestone had the perfect opportunity and signed a deal buying Firestone for much less than the actual price of the company. The headquarters were initially based in Akron, Ohio (USA). The town was the home also of Goodyear and BFGoodrich, two market rivals of the company. Current headquarters of Firestone are located in Nashville, Tennessee. The number of employees is more than 25 000.

Who makes Firestone Tyres?

The production process is concentrated in Nashville, Tennessee where the merged Bridgestone / Firestone North American department is maintaining the tyres business running. We should also mention that in 2012, a new research and technological centre was found in Akron. Currently, the tyres are made in America, despite the company does not act like the typical American company.

Which models are the most bought?

It is one of the most-spread and recognizable brands in tyres industry. The company works in close relations with many partners and retailers worldwide. You can order your new set visiting one of the physical shops as well as the online versions. You can make an additional observation on your own by reading some comments and reviews about the most common and bought models:

  • roadhawk - it is a premium summer tire intended for conventional cars. It targets the mainstream drivers and could be used in urban, highway or daily conditions;
  • vanhawk - it was designed to be mounted on vans. It offers better performance on wet weather and save fuel consumption;
  • all season - suitable choice for all weather conditions no matter you are driving on a sun or rain, you will enjoy excellent grip and traction control on the road. Of course, temperatures should not get down to zero and below.

Depending on your personal budget and necessities you can find the perfect model for you. The team of sowdenyres offers a rich abundance of brands, sizes, models on different price range. You can get a cheap alternative somewhere else but we do not recommend you to save money from your future tyres. Think of it as a serious investment for your comfort and security on the road, not only for you but also for the passengers in your car.

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