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History of the brand

It all started in a tiny shop near Liege, Belgium in 1868. The rainy and wet town offered the perfect opportunities to produce tyres for such bad weather. The company is part of one of the leaders in the market - Continental which assets are estimated at almost 4 billions (3,774 USD). The founder of Uniroyal is the ex-soldier from Belgium descent Oscar Englebert. He opened a tiny grocery for goods made of rubber. It was not long ago when he found the hidden potential within his water-resistant products. With the help of his son, the business had grown significantly and soon had to be transformed into manufacture for water-resistant goods of any kind. Innovation and experiments have always been part of the spirit of the men and soon they started to produce tyres for bicycles and carts.

The focus was concentrated on the water-resistance of the rubber compounds. Expansion into the car tyre production was inevitable after the highly successful experiments with the bicycles and carts. Uniroyal was the first company for tyres production in the Region and among the first in Europe. Motor racing was another sphere where the company recorded major success. It is worth mentioning the historic win at Le Mans where one set of tyres was used for the entire period of the race without the need of a change (24 hours). In 1910s Englebert created and applied new zig-zag tread groove for lowering the skidding effect.

The models gained so much popularity and came into practice that the whole production was increased four times. The company of Englebert was taken over by the US Rubber and the business merged into one. A new brand was born. Its name was Uniroyal.

Are Uniroyal RainSport 3 Tyres any good?

Uniroyal is a rainexpert tyres manufacturer. The most recognizable model of the company offers the features you expect to get. The Rainsport 3 is a special ultra high performance model intended for convenient cars. The model replaced its descendant Rainsport 2 and was later ascended by Rainsport 5. Most of the fans of the brand decide to buy this model because it offers:

  • excellent dry grip;
  • the best wet grip of all models;
  • ultimate handling control;
  • pleasant comfort;
  • long durability.

What models you will find on the site?

The team of sowdentyres offers a great amount of different tyres brand on its official online shop. Uniroyal is one of the most bought brand especially for wet and rainy conditions on the road. You can find different models and sizes as well suggestions in terms of prices range (cheap, medium, expensive) and detailed reviews on all available models online. Claim your order now!

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