How often should you change your car tyres?

How often should you change your car tyres?

Sep 08, 2020

Which factors are considered when it comes to frequency of tyre change

Unfortunately, the tires have a lifespan and you will need to replace them with new ones at some point. Of course, you can ignore the recommendations of the car manufacturers stating that everything is a commercial trick to buy more often. You may be right but honestly, when it comes to your safety on the road and those of your passengers, you should think twice before ignoring the tips from Sowdentyres. We are presenting several main factors that may affect the life cycle of the tyres and the need for change:

  • driving habits - you may be quite surprised but actually your driving habits affect the time you should change the tires of your car. If you have fuel instead of blood in your veins, then you are supposed to drive at high speed and use the brake pedal more often than usual. This way, you are going to wear your tyres quicker in comparison with the ordinary and calm drivers;
  • road condition - if you often drive on unmaintained and rickety roads, then you can seriously cut the lifespan of your tyres and may need early change. Of course, you are not in control to choose which roads to use but at least you can check the tires of your car for the presence of cracks and bubbles from time to time. You may be lucky and get a quick repair but you may also have to buy a new one if the damage is serious;
  • driving in urban or country areas - driving in urban conditions seriously decreases the lifespan as you have to use the brake pedal too often. Quite the opposite, if you live outside the big city and drive only on highways and main ways, then you will get a longer lifespan for sure.

How often should you change your car tyres?

How to find out if your tyres need replacement

  • mileage - as we had mentioned every product has its own lifespan. Such is the case with the tires as well. You cannot expect to use the very same pair forever. Approximately, each new set of tyres could endure up to 40 000 miles. If you purchase a particular model with specific rubber compounds and quality, then you may get some more miles added to the life cycle. Make some records when you buy new tires and follow them from time to time for your next visit to the car centre;

  • tread depth - there is a legal requirement for the minimum tread depth. You can even get a fine if you drive below the minimum. Usually the tread depth should be more than 4 mm. You can make your own measures to check the current condition and to avoid the potential fee and most importantly to change your tires before they become dangerous for your safety on the road;

  • presence of cracks and bubbles - we have already mentioned that it is essential to check your tires on a regular basis. You may skip a potential change but you may also have to buy a new set earlier than expected.

How can you extend the life of your tyres - tips from Sowdentyres

One of the most common tricks you can apply is to rotate your tyres in a particular period. The team of Sowdentyres recommends performing rotation on every 2 months. This way you will skip the uneven wear as the leading position of the tires always lead to quicker wear. That’s why it is important to perform a rotation in order to spread the process of wearing.

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