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    What tyres do I need for my car

    Fortunately, the current tyres market offers almost everything that your car needs. You can buy either cheap or expensive tyres, either visiting the brand shop in the neighbourhood or their site online. All aspects of the purchase process should be convenient for the customers. Due to the excess of information of any kind - size, brands, shops and so on, you can easily get confused. The team of Sowdentyres is here for you to help you make the right decision for your beloved car.

    How to find the size

    Have you ever tried to understand the meaning of those hieroglyphs located on the sidewall of your tyre? Sowdentyres is at your disposal to provide you with additional clarification. It is essential to know the meaning of this writing in order to buy your next pair of tyres for your car.

      • Width (165mm) - it is written in mm and indicates the width of the tyre;
      • Profile (55%) - it is written as a percentage of the tread width. It represents the height from the base of the tread to the rim. For instance, low profile tyres own low percentages;
      • Rim (16) - it displays the diameter of the rim written in inches;
      • Speed Rating (H) - it represents a special sign that shows the optimal speed for safety driving your car using this tyre;
      • Load Index (85) - it indicates the load capacity of the tyre. Different codes correspond to the respective maximum weight allowed; 
      • Extra Load (XL) - there are special tyres designed for additional loading. You should look for additional notifying on the sidewall;
      • Runflat - it is a special kind of tyre designed to resist the deflation from potential puncture. It is usually written on the sidewall of the tyre.

      The writing on your car tyre’s sidewall can look the following way - 165 / 55R16 85H (Extra Load) or (Runflat). You should be aware it those metrics especially if you are buying from online store. 

      What pressure should my car tyres be?

      Proper pressure indicates for better safety and performance of your car. Your tyres should be neither over or underinflated as both conditions hide some risks for your safety as well as for the endurance of them. The recommended pressure is written in PSI usually on a sticker on the door jamb. The best time to inflate is in the morning when they are in cold condition. The team of Sowdentyres recommends never to neglect to check your tyres and inflate them to optimal condition. As you know, the small rock could turn the cart over.

      Which are the most bought

      Your choice depends on your specific needs, way of driving and price that you are willing to pay. But do not worry Sowdentyres is here to offer you:

      • affordable prices;
      • quality products;
      • variety of items;
      • easy online order.

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