BFGoodrich Tyres

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History of the brand

BFGoodrich is a US-based tyres company. Initially, it had been part of the consortium Goodrich and was further acquired in 1990 by one of the leaders on the market - the French giants Michelin. Before the takeover by Michelin, BFGoodrich was the only American producer to make radial tyres. The name of the company is closely related to some notable historic events about cars:

  • the first car ever to cross the whole territory of America was equipped with BFGoodrich tyres. The event happened in 1903;
  • the first successful flight through the Atlantic Ocean was accomplished by the Charles Lindbergh’s aeroplane. The latter was fitted once again with tires of the company; 
  • the famous space shuttle “Columbia” had been mounted with company’s tires during its building in 1977

The company’s equipment is directly involved in winning several championships and thus recording 28 wins at the Baja California Competitions. Paris-Dakar Rally was won 13 times as well.

Which are the best selling tyres models?

You can go and visit the online shop of one of the retailers and partners of the company - sowdenyres. There you will find an abundance of models, sizes, detailed reviews, or everything you need to take the right decision for your tires. Do not worry if you have a restricted budget and you are not willing to invest much for “just” a set of new tires. There are different price range - from cheap to very expensive and ultra-high-performance models.

What are the advantages?

Most drivers pick models which could deliver optimal fun while driving. If you are one of those hardcore enthusiasts on the road that access better performance, BFGoodrich is the right brand for you and your car will love your choice as well. The experience of the company in the motorsports field have facilitated the further development and constant bettering of their products. An optimal grip and total control are two things that every driver wants to own on the road. The more control you have on the road, the more fun you will feel as well. You do not have to have benzin in your veins in order to have fun while driving. BFGoodrich tyres are constructed by professionals who love driving for the driving. They go out in weekends to really feel some off-road experience or test the speed of their cars on the highway. The team of the company is constantly working on the improvement of the performance because the latter really matters for both of us. The aim is better control, better grip and better performance on the road. The passion for driving is what best describes the advantages and vision of the company. The BFGoodrich tyres are capable of getting the best out of your car.

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