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Are Nankang tyres any good?

The Taiwanese company is more than six decades old and it gained popularity for its creative and innovative equipment for tyres. Nankang tyres are produced to be resistant from high temperatures, to have excellent grip and astonishing design while at the same time being affordable. But the main priority of the company is not offering you tire at low prices.

Safety is considered the main priority as the company performs regular observations and check-ups of the performance of each tyre in different conditions and scenarios - quick stops, quick turning on high speed and many other roads challenges. In fact, buying Nankang could be the most reasonable and pragmatic choice on the market.

Of course, you cannot compare them with top brands like Michelin, Continental, Goodyear or Bridgestone in terms of comfort, performance and fuel economy. But it is a fact that the company has invested a lot in its product development and has become a recognizable and attractive choice on the market, especially for drivers with restricted financial means who want to get the most out of the model at the lowest possible price.

In times of financial crisis, this turns to be a very successful strategy. It offers a great variety of models for SUVs, 4x4, trucks intended for urban and offroad conditions. The bestseller of the company is considered to be ns2. It is a high-performance tyre for passenger cars, suitable for all-season driving or for high-speed driving on motorways.

Available on sowdentyres online shop with all sizes and review attached, the model got positive comments from drivers for its excellent traction, performance and long endurance.

Who makes Nankang tyres?

Nankang company produces car tyres and rubber equipment. Anyway, 99% of the total revenues of the company come from the sale of car tyres. The biggest market share of 35% is from North and South Americas, while Europe comes second with 32%. It is the largest tyres producer in Taiwan. It was founded in 1940 by several engineers. The brand applies the core principles of the best Japanese producing technologies and thus, made a breakthrough on the market and further maintained their significant growth and expansion in other markets. The products are made in two Taiwanese manufactories in Nankang and Hsinfung. Following the development of the brand and increased demand, a new plant was found in China as well in Jiangsu.

Which models are the most bought?

The team of sowdentyres already paid attention to the bestseller - the model ns2. Anyway, there are plenty of models to choose from divided by prices range (cheap, medium, expensive) or seasons (summer, winter, all-season). You can check them all on the online shop of sowdentyres and claim your order. Find our stickers on the site and ask for additional discount.

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