Cooper Tyres

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Are Cooper tyres made by Michelin?

Cooper Company is US-based and its portfolio of services includes production, maintenance, design and innovation of car and truck tyres. The brand focuses mainly on the manufacturing of truck, motorcycle and sports rally tyres. The headquarters are currently located in Findlay (Ohio) with over 60 producing buildings, sales, marketing, logistics, technological and design departments within the territory. During the 1960s the company went public and had been included on the Stock Exchange. It is curious to know that Cooper acquired ownership of the English brand “Avon Tyres”. The latter is known to produce tires for motorcycles, conventional cars and specialized sports cars. The moto of the company is well-known throughout the world: “The tire with two names...the company and the man who built it.”

What models you will find on the site?

Sowdentyres is one of the retailers and partners of the company. You can visit the online shop and check out the models and brands available. Cooper is one of the brands which offers almost everything demanded for its price. Of course, there are goods which are cheap but the purchase of a new set of tyres should be considered a serious investment. They are not cosmetic features after all but your guarantee for safety on the road. As a brand aiming to maintain high competitiveness on the market, Cooper offers a wide range of common models available online on the site:

  • summer - they are made of tougher compounds for better traction on the road. They should be mounted when the weather is above 10 degrees. Suitable for rainy conditions as well;
  • winter - they are made of softer compounds for better grip during harsh snowy conditions. They should be mounted when the temperatures are below 10 degrees. Most of the time, all Scandinavian cars are equipped with high-quality winter tyres for instance;
  • all season - when the temperatures do not have big differences and fluctuations throughout the year and when the winter is soft and snowless, then you can mount on your car all-season tires. Most of the cars in Italy are equipped with such models. Especially in Central and Southern parts, snow and ice are very rare conditions;
  • high economy - belive it or not, actually there are such models. Most of the customers do not know that the suitable tyres can influence and better your fuel consumption. If you want to keep your costs tight, you can keep the speed limit and take high economy model.

Which models are the most bought?

The model which describes best the precision and focus on the detail of Cooper is at3. It is suitable for SUV and trucks. Moreover, it has 70 000 mile treadwear protection and the tyres offer optimal performance on severe weather, slippery roads and rain. It is worth mentioning the comfort they offer as well as the high endurance range. You will not regret if you count on that model!

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