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History of the brand

The company was found in 1958. Currently, it is officially considered to be tyres producer number 1 on the Chinese market. Moreover, it broke the top 10 ranking and in 2019 was nominated number 9 as global tyres manufacturer. The revenues for the previous year were estimated at almost 4 billion dollars. The current headquarters of Goodride are located in Hangzhou (China). There are branches in Europe, America, Brazil and Thailand as the process of globalization to be executed and improved gradually. Global markets are successfully conquered due to the application of the main principles of the company for quality and safety. Goodride is eager to produce a great variety of qualitative tyres for trucks, conventional cars, offroad vehicles, bicycle equipment, motorcycles tires and many more. In 2018, the total production of tyres was divided as it follows:

  • trucks and buses - 20 million;
  • conventional cars - 40 million;
  • bicycle and motorcycle - 90 million;
  • total - 150 million.

The company invests millions on an annual basis on expanding and bettering the services portfolio. Moreover, research and technological centres have been found in the US, Germany and Japan. Goodride is aiming to improve the design of the treads as well as the overall performance with the application of cutting edge technology. That’s why the company hired one of the most experienced Japanese and Korean pundits in the field. Expect to see more qualitative and innovative products in the near future.

Where are Goodride tyres made?

The production is concentrated mainly on 9 manufactories in China and Thailand. The sales operations have been performing in more than 120 countries all over the world. The market expansion policy of Goodride includes not only the channels of partners and retailers but also the maintenance and production of original equipment. The global partners of the latter are companies like Schmitz, DSV, Volvo (Europe); Vanguard (USA); SAIC, SINO, Greely, Changan (China). In the production process of tyres, Goodride uses the Smart Production System which facilitates the save expenditures, total workforce, energy and better the manufacturing efficiency. It is worth mentioning also the responsibility towards environmental issues. The company spends millions for the application of green idea within the production process and for improving the working conditions of its workers. As a result, you can benefit from eco-friendly high-qualitative tyres at affordable prices.

What models you will find on the site?

You can visit the online shop of one of official partners of the company - sowdentyres. There you will find an abundance of models with detailed reviews. Most of the bestsellers of the company are available for orders - sa37, sa07, rp28, 4x4 tires. It is highly recommended to check the site on a regular price to get our exclusive offers and promotions. You may have the luck to get a nice model very cheap.

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