Matador Tyres

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Brief history of the brand

It is a multinational tires manufacturer. The headquarters of the company are based in Puchov, Slovakia. The subsidiaries of Matador are also located in the same town. The export of the company is mainly focused on 90 countries all over the world. The product portfolio includes not only tyres but analogical and auxiliary services. The brand has many commercial partners and retailers which form the distribution network. The key clients are the United States, UK and Germany. The company was founded in 1905 under the name “Matador - Gummi und Balata Werke”. Initially, the production consists only of rubber hoses and belts. The plant then was located in the town of Petrzalka, Slovakia. The production of tyres has started in 1925 and by the time Matador was considered the first manufacturer in Czechoslovakia. During that time, the company used to cooperate with many popular and famous brands like Skoda, Tatra and Aero. It was one of the major pioneers for the development of the industry in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The company was merged by the government in 1946. The process of privatization took place in 1995 as the official name remained Matadorex. The 100 years anniversary of the company took place in 2005 as it had been changed the logo of the company.

Are Matador Tyres made by Continental

The company formed a joint venture and was took over by Continental in September 1998. Additional changes within the company took place in the following year as they contained the management, the structure and division management system of the company. The latter had been altered and switched to the successful German model of the mother-company of Continental.

Why you should choose Matador Tyres

Matador tires are constructed and made by professionals. Thanks to the long experience in the field of tyres production, the customers take advantage of modern and efficient services. Being a member of one of the top 3 tires manufacturers in the world - Continental, the company has always worked to accomplish the high demands of customers’ base offering competence and application of latest cutting-edge technologies. The brand takes 3 core values as the main pillars for the success of the company:

  • dynamic;
  • experienced - more than a century of experience in tyres production;
  • prepared - a wide range of models, sizes for all segments and weather conditions.

Which are the most preferable models

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