Marangoni Tyres

Brief history of the brand

Marangoni tyres company started the business activity in 1940. Currently, the company is a major multinational consortium with all business activities divided and synchronised in four departments. This type of organization of the working process helps Marangoni to maintain constantly increasing distribution in spots all over the world. As up to now, the brand is available for purchase in over 100 countries. There are 10 manufacturing facilities for tyres in 8 different countries and 12 sales maintenance departments. If we can summarize the history of the company till now, we should state that it went a path with innovations, bright ideas and technological novelties that entirely changed the whole industry. Most of the technological research and patents are the pillars of the whole history of tyres manufacturing. We should mention as well the presence of a specialized scientific department which boosts and stimulates the company into more innovations and exploring in all areas of the working process. For a period of 7 decades, Marangoni found and improved cutting-edge decisions for production which was the major reason for the leading position of the company and transforming it into a global tyres manufacturer.

The current working force consists of more than 1100 workers, presence in over 100 countries, production in 8 different countries with 10 plants.

Where are Marangoni tyres made

The production of tyres of the company is located in several high-tech plants in:

  • Italy (3 production plants);
  • Germany (1 production plant);
  • Norway (1 production plant);
  • Brazil (1 production plant);
  • Argentina (1 production plant);
  • South Africa (1 production plant);
  • USA (1 production plant);
  • Russia (1 production plant).

Which are the most preferable models

The company offers a great variety of different models for all seasons (winter, summer, all season) as well as segments (high performance, commercial, passenger, trucks, SUV). All models are available on the official online shop of Sowdentyres. Check out our review, rating and prices section:

  • Meteo HP;
  • Kwik Fit.

What are the advantages of the brand

Marangoni aims to establish strong relations with its clients. It is essential for both the company and customers to evolve and grow together. The main priority of the company is to be a responsive and credible partner. The products of the company are unique in order to deliver additional value to the customers and their needs.

As a major leader in retreading, the company is aiming to cut the consumption and limit the usage of more resources and materials. The brand believes that linear consumption is near its limit and nowadays every business organization should orient its model to keeping the environment in optimal condition. The latter is not only a matter of an economic attitude, it is a new culture, behaviour that are needed for the 21st century and the future.

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