Yokohama Tyres

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Are Yokohama tyres made in Japan?

The company is more than 100 years old and one of the leaders of tyres manufacturing. Yokohama aims to deliver and apply outstanding design and the latest novelties into their products and thus, offering the drivers much better control with their vehicles. It was founded in 1917 and since then different management staff try to keep the elite status of the company and its leading positions on the market. Yokohama is considered to be the very first company from Japan for tyres production to be awarded a special certification ISO9001 for quality-assurance for development, production, mounting and other services. It is worth mentioning also the green ideas and priorities of the company. The positive attitude to the environment is a conception seriously applied in the brand’s strategy and vision. In order to achieve its goals in this field, the company terminated the usage of CFCs and trichloroethane in the tyres production cycle. Moreover, natural gas is more widely used compared to the heavy oil used before. The benefit of that action is a significant reduction of carbon emissions and the save of energy. Yokohama Tire Corporation is the US producing and sales arm of the Japan-based Yokohama Rubber Co. The American company is responsible for the expansion of the market in Northern America as well as for the maintenance and collaboration with different partners and retailers. It is a firm leader in terms of the application of the latest cutting edge technologies and novelties. The portfolio of the company includes tyres for sports performance, trucks, convenient cars as well as construction road features.

Are they good in snow?

Yokohama Tyres offers premium quality and comfort while driving on harsh snowy conditions. Yes, they are actually very good for that purpose. Even if you drive on roads with a few centimetres of snow, your car could accelerate even with the presence of strong incline. The brand is known for offering good grip and performance in snowy conditions no matter you are accelerating trying to stop or making quick turns. Of course, you may look at different reviews for more snow models. And you will find some better in terms of prices or performance. There is no doubt. But what the brand could offer you that most other models lack is their excellent precision, comfort and perfect correlation between prices and quality.

Which models are the most bought?

As a company from the top 10 of all tyres producers worldwide, the brand is trying to include as many models as possible in its portfolio. Otherwise, they risk to lose their leading position on the market and to be taken over by some of the major players. The team of sowdentyres could distinguish the all-season model. It offers an optimal grip, traction, economy and comfort in all weather conditions at affordable prices. The model is available for ordering online from the official site of sowdentyres and Kwik Fit - two of the official partners and retailers.

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