Michelin Tyres

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History of the brand

It is an international company which headquarters are based in Clemont-Ferrand in France. Michelin is one of the most famous and second-largest tyre producers worldwide. Only Bridgestone has a bigger market share. The company has a leading position compared to Goodyear and Continental. We could add the following well-known brands to the French consortium - Kleber, Uniroyal-Goodrich, SASCAR, Camso. Michelin is known for its distinctive novelties applied first by the company such as the removable and radial tyre. The company produces equipment for space shuttles, automobiles, bicycles and motorcycles. In 2019, more than 200 million tyres were produced in manufacturies in 20 different states.

Are Michelin Tyres good?

They are extremely good and it is not a surprise that the brand is considered by many to be the major leader in its field. In accordance with the latest surveys and expert evaluations, Michelin stays on the top of many different categories and ranges for price, best offers, online purchases and many more. The tyres are actually one of the best you can find in the current market. If you are prone to invest a higher amount of money but in return to get comfort and stability, the brand is your choice.

Why are Michelin Tyres so expensive?

They are a little bit pricy but they offer exceptional quality, flexible and secure warranties and many other benefits for the customers. If you are looking for cheap alternatives, you will find many but you have to make serious compromises with the quality at least. You have the option the buy your Michelin tyres visiting the online shop of the company or check some of the retailers.

What types you will find on the site?

The team of sowdentyres offers you a great variety of products of the brand based on different preferences for any type of drivers. On the official site, you can find a special pressure advisor for the best tire pressure for your choice. Here are the most-spread types: all-season; all-weather; cross climate; energy saver; pilot sport; airless; summer; winter.

How much is a Michelin tyre?


Model Name

 Price Range

1. LTX Force / 12 variantions available 

 GBP 71.79-179.70

2. Primacy 3 ST / 18 variations available

 GBP 66.07-163.14

3. Primacy 4 ST / 21 variations available

 GBP 65.07-215.02

4. Energy XM2+ / 18 variations available

 GBP 37.17-72.34

5. Energy XM2 / 29 variations available

 GBP 33.06-85.48

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