Kumho Tyres

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Where do Kumho tyres come from?

Kumho is a company from South Korea. The official headquarters are located in Gwangju. It acted as a subsidiary up to 2018 but afterwards, the company was taken over by a tyres producer from China. It offers a great range of goods and produces tyres on behalf of two major brands - K. and Marshal. The company has three producing centres in South Korea - the Pyeongtaek Plant, the Gokseong Plant and he Gwangju Plant. The latter contains a modern centre for additional development and technological research. The company also owns three more facilities in China - in Tianjin, Nanjing and Changchun. Kumho founded plants also in Vietnam (Binh Duong Province) and in the USA (Macon, Georgia). The sales and logistics network of the company is worldwide and it collaborates with many partners and retailers. Kumho focuses on the bettering of its tyres and further application of the latest technological and design novelties on the field and thus, it founded three more research centres in Gwangju (South Korea), Akron (Ohio, US) and Birmingham (England). The latter maintains the American and European markets. The last found research centres are found in Germany (Buchholz) and China (Tianjin). As a whole, the company offers a product on a reasonable and affordable price and it is even considered “budget” in America. Anyway, you can find many tires reviews which compare the brand with the leaders like Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli.

Are they noisy?

If you make your own research online, you will find some not so nice comments and reviews about the brand. There are many complaints about the noise tyres create while driving. It is due to the fact that they are made of coarser ingredients and the grooves are much thicker. The latter facilitates the generation of noise, even though the lifespan of the tires is just at its beginning. Unfortunately, you have to turn loud the music in order not to hear that embarrassing noise. The curious thing here is that you buy not so cheap set of tyres and they act as they are one of those “pricy” models. The team of sowdentyres strongly recommends to make additional research on your own in order to choose your favourite model.

Which models are the most bought in Sowdentyres and why?

We do not want to sound too critical. Of course, the brand offers some significant advantages compared to the tires manufacturers. Kumho is well-known for its run-flat and all-season models. They are usually available at an affordable price while at the same time offering extreme quality, optimal performance and long-life endurance. You can check the official site of sowdentyres online and make your order now!

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