Milestone Tyres

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Brief history of the brand

Milestone Tyres Canada Corporations is a company in which headquarters are located in Asia. The production of tyres is located in Shandong district, China. The Milestone manufacturer offers tyres for all passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks and ultra-high-performance sports cars. The company is specialized in both summer and winter tyres. The brand applies the latest cutting edge technology in the production process for high-performance and excellent quality. There are several more manufacturing facilities located in the territory of China and Vietnam. The current working force of the company is 5 000 workers. The revenues for 2018 are estimated at almost 1 billion EUR.

Which are the most preferable models


  • Green Weight - specially constructed for the transportation of goods and vans. The enhanced tyre construction and robust tread pattern facilitates the driving even with maximal load ;
  • Eco Stone - the main feature is the increased load capacity. There is also an excellent control of water and minimal risk of aquaplaning. Presence of wider profile blocks for more security and comfort;
  • Green Sport - suitable for all passenger cars in the medium budget class. It offers optimal performance, excellent grip, stable driving and immediate stop.


  • Full Winter - it has special rubber compounds. Driving and braking are always performed on time. It offers excellent water and snow drainage. The tyres remain stable in all weather conditions.


  • Green 4Seasons - suitable for driving in all season. It offers sturdy and modern construction but at the same time offers unique comfort. The grip and handling control are excellent in all weather conditions. Improved driving features and enhanced sidewall construction.

What are the advantages of the brand

Milestone tyres meet the highest standards for production delivering optimal quality for the high-demanding customer base. The products meet the requirements for safety, optimal performance and green policies application in the production process. The tire design, rubber ingredients and sidewall features are premises for optimal performance and excellent handling in all weather conditions. Due to the latest methods in production, Milestone recorded a significant cut on environmental impact. Green policy stays as a key priority for the company. Reduced fuel consumption is also another significant advantage and result of the dedicated work of the development team. Braking and driving capabilities of all products are on excellent level as well. You can check all available models of Milestone on the official online store of Sowdentyres. Find the review and rating section and choose your model based on prices and performance.

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