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Brief history of the brand

It all began in 1964. The founder of Momo Tyres is Gianpiero Morretti - passionate driver and a keen fan of motorsports. Since the establishment, the company won many different trophies from world racetracks and competitions. This major success was the main premise for the further development of the brand. The main goals of Momo are to bring excellent qualitative products by merging safety and performance in one.

Nowadays, thanks to its over 50 years of experience and many won gold medals on the track, Momo offers extraordinary tyres for high-performance constructed as the last piece of the technology.

Are Momo tyres good

Momo tyres are constructed and designed in Italy. All models contain the latest cutting-edge technology for improved performance in all terrains. One of the main advantages of the company is the usage of special silica ingredients that reduce the fuel consumption as well as the unpleasant noise. At the same time, tyres offer as well as better grip and control for high-class driving adventures.

Which are the most preferable models

Summer Tires - they have an asymmetric tread pattern intended for high performance and optimal driving satisfaction. They offer immediate brake stop and great grip at high speeds. The rolling resistance is improved  due to the presence of softer materials within the tyres:

  • TOPRUN M30 EUROPA (for passenger cars);
  • OUTRUN M20 (for passenger cars);
  • MENDEX M7 (for light trucks and vans).

Winter Tires - the winter models are known for the presence of elaborate tread patterns for better handling and control of the water that avoids aquaplaning. The rubber ingredients facilitate the optima traction in harsh weather conditions:

  • NORTH POLE W1 (for passenger cars);
  • NORTH POLE W2 (for passenger cars);
  • VAN POLE W3 (for light trucks and vans);
  • SUV POLE W4 (for light trucks and SUV).

All season tires - the all season models are intended for driving in all weather conditions. The presence of V-pattern benefits the improved performance on icy and slippery roads while at the same time offers a good traction on dry roads:

  • OUTRUN M2 (for passenger cars);
  • OUTRUN M3 (for passenger cars);
  • 4RUN M4 (for cars and SUV);
  • A-LUSION M( (for light trucks and SUV);
  • TOPRUN M30 (for passenger cars);
  • M-TRAIL M8 AT (light trucks and SUV);
  • FORCERUN HT M8 (light trucks and SUV).

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