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Brief history of the brand

The company is managed and owned by Inter-sprint Baden B.V. of Holland. Mastersteel was found in 1981. The production process is located in South-Africa. The tyres are intended for the low-budget market segment as they offer decent quality and overall performance at pretty affordable prices. The net profit of the Dutch manufacturer is estimated at around 1 billion EUR for 2018. The current working force consists of over 10 000 workers.

Main advanages

Each model of tyres (all weather, all season, winter, summer) is manufactured on super modern, cutting edge production line. The quality throughout the whole manufacturing process is guaranteed - from the design and construction of the tyres. As a brand, Mastersteel is still aiming to develop further and expand. Innovation remains as the hardcore value and priority for the company. The separate features like pattern designs, rubber improvement and overall design are constantly improving the form an excellent accomplished product for the customers. The company owns a balanced choice of designs, models and sizes for all conventional cars, SUVs and vans. The manufacturer developed special tyres intended only for sports cars and crossovers. The main advantage of the company could be summarized in one sentence - in case you want to buy high-quality tire at an affordable price, it is one of the brands that could offer one of the best correlation between price and quality.

Why you should choose Mastersteel

You should choose Mastersteel because you prefer comfort and safety above anything else. The company offers one of the best correlation between quality and price compared to other brands. Due to the cutting-edge design and manufacturing capabilities, overall design and the qualitative choice of rubber ingredients, all tyres of the company perform excellently in all weather and road conditions. All models are constructed to proficiency for all different season (all weather, all season, winter, summer), and perform optimally thanks to their unique features and capabilities. Moreover, you are benefiting also from immediate and safe braking and comfortable driving.

The best-bought models

The company balances the production in all niches and thus, staying competitive on the market. You can find a great variety of different models, sizes and segments. You can visit the official online store of Sowdentyres and check the review and rating section. Our team would like to distinguish the following models of tyres which made the company popular in the recent years. It is available for order online:

  • Mastersteel Prosport.
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