Compass Tyres

Brief history of the brand

Compass recently changed its name to Rene Herse Cycles. The company is a leading manufacturer of all-road bikes. Actually, the expression “all-road bike” was initially introduced by the company. Its purpose was to characterize the machines and equipment Rene Herse had been already producing. This expression has evolved and altered the whole bike industry at a glance.

Officially the name of Compass Cycles was changed to Rene Herse Cycles in February 2019. Curiously, the daughter of Rene Herse - Lyli, asked the management of Compass to become main custodians of her father’s legacy ten years ago. Since then, the company already released some products under his name and especially ground-breaking all-road and gravel tyres. Subsequently, it was taken a decision for total commitment to the hardcore values of Mr Rene Herse - the ambassador of bicycle riding all over the world. We have brought the quality and precision needed to create a really accomplished product.

Initially, the company started to produce high-performance parts and tyres that facilitate and make it possible to ride on gravel and plenty with a constant sense of adventure. 

The already late Mr Rene Herse performed and enjoyed the identical style of riding during his unforgettable career in the 1930s and 1940s. His style of riding is the live inspiration for our products and work

Where are Compass tyres made

We have pretty often met questions and discussion in different forums like “What is the difference between Rene Herse tyres and Compass tyres?”. We have already answered to this question. But we have also faced queries like “Are Panaracers and Rene Herse the same brand?. It is a fact that Panaracers actually manufacture the tires of Rene Herse. The latter takes advantage of the knowledge, experience and technology of one of the leading tires producers all over the world. The specialists of Panaracer are more familiar with the choice of tread pattern rubber and ingredients correlation. This valuable knowledge is later transferred to the actual production and overall design of our products.

Do not understand it wrongly. Compass and Panaracers are two separate brands that work in close relations and collaboration in some areas. It is a matter of your personal choice which brand you are going to choose. You can choose the Pasela model (low-cost model from Panaracer). The latter could resemble some of the models of the company as they are manufactured in the same plant.

What are the advantages of the brand

  • As a whole, the tyres are constructed for usage on the road; 
  • You have to pay attention that they are suitable for ultra-high performance as well (on gravel and off-road terrains);
  • Our tyres are fast and could be ridden on rough and uneven grounds;
  • The lower inflation requirements make the tire almost inflatable and unbreakable in all conditions.

If you want to check some of the models of the company, please visit the online shop of Sowdentyres. You can find a variety of models on different prices, including the absolute best-seller ST 5000. The latter has a detailed review on the site.

It helps if you ride wide tires. Not only are they faster on rough surfaces, but their lower pressures also make the sidewalls less susceptible to cuts: the tire just deforms when hitting a rock.

Around here, we ride Compass tires – even on our Urban Bikes – because they offer world-class performance while being strong and durable enough for everyday use.

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