About us

About the company 

ISARNEMA GmbH has been established in early 2016 by strong and united team of experts in tyres business.

By plan we started working in several countries and in only three years of hard work and continuous improvement we are ready to cover the European global market with websites in almost every EU country.

Our main goal is to become one of the key players the tyre online market in Europe.

We understand that our increased market share brings with itself bigger responsibilities and we'll give our best to response to those expectations.

Legal information 

Provider of the website: ISARNEMA GmbH

  • Address: Fürstenrieder Str. 279a, 81377 Munich
  • Telephone №:  +44 113 868 0085
  • E-Mail: info@sowdentyres.co.uk
  • Registered at: Munich Magistrates' Court
  • Company Registration No: HRB 229466
In case of dispute related to an online purchase you can use the site:
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