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Who makes Hankook tyres?

Hankook is a famous and highly-regarded manufactures of tyres from South Korea. The company’s headquarters are located in Seoul. It is listed 7th in the ranking of best companies in the field. The company was renamed “Hankook” in 1968, which pronunciation in Korean means “Korea”. Hankook is the main supplier to many businesses and spheres (batteries, alloy wheels, brake pads) as it produces more than 100 million tyres on an annual basis. There are producing centres in South Korea, China, Indonesia, Hungary and the US. Technical offices were also found in Daejon (South Korea), Akron (USA), Hannover (Germany), Osaka (Japan). In 2016, Hankook switched its headquarters in America to Nashville, Tennessee. The latest big step made by the company had found more than 250 new jobs. It is stated that 5 million USD were spent in accomplishing this switch

What models you will find on the site?

The company has been working in close collaboration with Kwik Fit. The latter offers additional parts repairment of tyres, brakes and MOT testing. As a major partner, Kwik Fit provides a great variety of goods of the leading tyre manufacturers. Except Hankook, you can find tyres of Pirelli, Goodyear, Michelin, Continental. You can visit the site and shop online. There you will find detailed reviews on all products, top prices suggestions for cheap and expensive set of tyres. Leading company as Hankook collaborates with many retailers and distributors. You visit as well the official site of sowdentyres - one of its major allies. There you will meet special and responsive customer service, exclusive promotions for new customers as well as convenient options for payment and delivery. You can find the most common models of tyres company offers:

  • all-season;
  • winter;
  • summer;
  • run-flat;
  • motorcycle.

Which models are the most bought?

The team of sowdentyres executed several detailed reviews and explored many different sites to find the best and most bought model of the company. It was a hard competition but without any doubt, the model Kinergy Eco K425 deserved to win the award. The model is known for the low road noise and extremely high life cycle of over 80 000 km. The Model is highly-regarded and bought by many hardcore fans of the company due to its:

  • high quality;
  • optimal correlation between quality and money;
  • low noise level;
  • excellent performance in wet and slippery conditions;
  • high endurance.
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