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What are 4x4 tyres

Perhaps, some of you will not make any difference between standard and 4x4 tyres. Honestly, I could not distinguish them either. Anyway, such a difference exists and it is a vivid and significant one. It has to deal with the purpose of usage after all. Normal tyres are intended for ordinary asphalt roads (city roads, highways). While 4x4 tyres are suitable for usage in off-road conditions (snow, mud, grass). However, some visible features exist as well. Both have different tread. When you look at 4x4, you can easily distinguish that the tread is deeper and has bigger gaps in comparison with the standard tyres. The features of 4x4 tyres help the vehicle to handle good control and traction in off-road conditions as there always be a part of the tyre that will stay in contact with the ground.

Are SUV tyres different

Usually, SUV tyres are made of more massive construction and are also suitable for off-road. But there are some distinguishable features of SUV tyres in comparison with normal ones:

  • rubber ingredients - with the increase of the vehicle’s weight, rubber ingredients should increase its hardness as well. Compounds should maintain and handle the load of the SUV. Harder ingredients are a guarantee for better grip and braking;
  • sidewall construction - another big difference occurs in sidewalls. The latter are usually taller than normal tyres. SUV engineers implement thick rubber in order to handle the SUV weight;
  • tread - the team of Sowdentyres has already discussed the difference in tread patterns. But we shall focus once again on the essence - standard tyres are designed to be in constant contact with the road, thus increasing the grip. The tread of SUV is different and it is more squared-off. The latter helps the SUV to maintain traction and contact with the ground in heavy off-road conditions;
  • speed rate - as you can imagine SUV offers lower speed rate compared to normal tyres. The reasons are mainly due to the increased weight of the vehicle. Still, it is not a car intended for racing!

Can you put car tyres on SUV

The short answer is yes but please be aware. Because sometimes you can be seduced by a cheap set or when visiting an online store which offers its tyres at low prices. The team of Sowdentyres recommends to take our priceless piece of advice. In case the tyre is large enough, it could be installed to your SUV as it is expected to have a suitable load rating. Normal tyres usually do not have load rating different from SL or XL. Anyway, you can still install them if they fit your SUV.

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