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Which tyre is best for motorcycle

Usually, we state that the engine is the heart of any motorcycle. Of course, the engine could be chosen as the most significant part of the optimal performance of the motorcycle. But we should not neglect the role of the tyres. According to Sowdentyres, they come just behind the engine in terms of importance. Our team has prepared a list with the best brands not only in the UK but all over the world:

  • Michelin;
  • Pirelli;
  • Metzeler;
  • Continental.

How many miles do you get on a motorcycle tire

We have already emphasized the importance of the tyres for your motorcycle. Perhaps, the majority of drivers pay enough attention to the proper inflation of their tyres in order to have better control, grip and efficiency. Something which is neglected by many is the expected life cycle of the tyres. It is difficult to define how many years you are going to enjoy your new set. But the team of Sowdentyres suggests several key factors that influence the life of your tyres:

  • tread - tread of your tyres should have a certain depth in order to be used further. There are some state requirements, so please be informed and check your tread from time to time. Your safety is up to it after all;
  • date of manufacturing - different brands will set different life cycles for the tyres of your motorcycle. So, you should check your brand’s requirements and follow them strictly;
  • defects - some tyres may have punctures or damaged tread by the date of producing, so you should be quite aware when purchasing your new set;
  • mileage - you could have chosen the best model and type but your tyres, you could inflate them properly but they are not eternal after all. You can ride your motorcycle for a maximum of 40 000 miles with the same pair.

Which type is the best for rain

If you live in an area with constant rains, then it is mandatory to invest in tyres with proper rubber. Still, it is a matter of safety and your motorcycle should not lose grip with the ground. The team of Sowdentyres have picked some nice models that could do the work:

  • Michelin Pilot Road 4;
  • Metzeler Tourance EXP;
  • Pirelli Angel GT;
  • Bridgestone Exedra Max;
  • Michelin Power Rain.

Why are motorcycle tires so expensive

In general, motorcycle tyres are produced similarly to those intended for cars. They are definitely not cheap and are usually offered at higher prices in the shops and online stores. The main reason is that there are some additional engineering costs as the motorcycle tyres should be designed with much stronger sidewalls and respective features. Anyway, you can visit Sowdentyres online site and check our great variety of prices, models and types.

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