Steps when placing an order

Step 1: Searching tyres

  • Field "Tyre size" - here you can search for tyres by entering their dimensions in the boxes (what are your tyre's dimensions you can check on the current tyres on your vehicle, in the passport of the car or reading the instruction after clicking the button "What is the correct tyre's size for my vehicle?")
  • Field "Vehicle model" - if you don't know at all your tyre's size, you can check it by the car's make (you also need to know the model, the engine capacity and year of produce)
  • Field "Reg. Number" - you can search by your vehicle's registration number

Step 2: Choosing tyres

After clicking the button "Search tyres" you'll be redirected to the next window, which is organised as follows:

  • filters field - on the left on the screen for your convenience there are many filters, which you could use to find precisely the tyres you need bound up with tyre's class, brand, indexes, EU label etc.
  • tyres list - using filters in the tyres list will left goods, which replied to your specific will. You can see a detailed view to exact the tyre and you make your decision to put the selected tyre in the shopping cart.

Step 3: Shopping cart

Once you're in the shopping cart it starts the actually creating of the order.

  • Quantities - you can choose how manu tyres do you wish to order (later you can always return to this window if you changed your mind for some reason)
  • Shipping tips - information about possible terms for delivery of the goods
  • Buy or Continue shopping - if there is a need to add another tyre to the shopping cart use the button Continue shopping - it will redirect you to the main page. If you're ready with your choice, you can continue with the the next step pushing Buy
  • Remove from cart - if you want to change your mind, choosing another tyre, you can remove the added already simply pushing the button. 

Step 4: Delivery and billing address

In this next window you have to fill your personal information connected to the invoice and delivery of the goods.

  • Account - if you have already created an account on our website
  • Billing address - regardless of your choice about the invoice (personal or to company) you have to fill all fields which have a red star (*)
  • Delivery address - if the delivery address is the same as the billing address you just need to put the tick about it. In case the delivery address is different than your personal data, you have to fill it in. 

Step 5: Payment

  • Pay with PayPal 
  • Pay with Credit Card (via PayPal)
  • Debit / Credit Card via Wirecard payment plaform

In case of dispute related to an online purchase you can use the site:
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