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In case of a claim please contact our customer support!

We offer a 2-year manufacturer warranty which only covers production faults.

In order for a production fault to be verified, the tyre needs to be tested directly by the manufacturer.

If the tests conducted conclude that indeed the issues were caused by a manufacturing defect, this means your claim has been accepted and therefore you have the possibility to choose between a full refund for the tyre/s or a replacement if products are available in stock.

However, if the tests conclude that the issues were caused by something other than a manufacturing defect, such as incorrect fitting, incorrect handling, storage or maintenance, this means the claim is rejected. A rejected claim means that you will have to cover the transportation (both ways if you want us to send you the tested tyre back) costs and the testing fees.

In case of a rejected claim, you have 10 days to inform us if you wish for the claimed tyre/s to be sent back to you. Please note that the tests performed on the claimed tyre/s may include cutting of the material.

For faster reaction from our side, please be prepared with the following information:

- Dot and serial number of the tyre
- Where it was mounted (front left, front right, rear left, rear right)
- Explanation of the problem
- How many km.  the tyre was driven
- How many mm of the threat pattern left
- The production year, brand and model of the car
- On how many km is the car

It is always better to have pictures of the claimed area tyre/s.

    In case of dispute related to an online purchase you can use the site:
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